Dr. Nithya  R

Dr. Nithya R

Designation :

Pediatric ENT Specialist

Languages Known :

Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil

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Doctor's Profile

Doctors Profile

  • MBBS
  • MS (ENT), Government Medical College, Vadodara
  • DNB, National Board of Examination, New Delhi
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship in Pediatric ENT in CMC Vellore
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnoea
  • Paediatric Tracheostomy Management and Airway Surgeries
  • Swallowing Disorders, Drooling, Endoscopic Ear Surgeries
  • Hearing Restoration Surgery
  • Tympanoplasty/Ossiculoplasty/Stapedotomy
  • Cochlear Implantation
  • Endoscopic Nasal Surgeries
  • Endoscopic DCR and Choanal Atresia Repair
  • Paediatric head and neck surgeries: cyst and sinus in head and neck
  • Management of Salivary Gland Problems
  • The Cochlear Implant group of India
  • The Association of Otolaryngologists of India
  • The Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Kerala State Branch
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  2. Cherian, L. M., Varghese, L., Rupa, V., Bright, R. R., Abraham, L., Panicker. R, Nithya,... & Kurien, R. (2022). Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis: patient characteristics in pre-COVID-19 and COVID 19 period. Rhinology.

  3. Naina P, Nithya R, Eapen P. Pediatric intranasal lobular capillary haemangioma. Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2021.

  4. Kurien, R., Varghese, L., Cherian, L.M. et al. A Comparative Study of Acute Invasive Fungal Sinusitis During the First and Second Waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg (2023).




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